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What We Believe

Building an Exceptional Firm


The Parnin Group’s mission is to improve the organizational performance of our clients by delivering sustainable results and building a diverse and equitable firm of remarkable and talented people.

Our Values

We believe in doing the best for our clients by using data and evidence, informed with our expertise and experience. We are driven by building a thriving, inclusive environment for our employees, and supporting and investing in our community.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our business and we bring an equity lens to our work and clients since diversity provides a true advantage to an organization. We are committed to building an inclusive work environment that will allow our people and leaders to thrive, providing equitable opportunities and challenging assumptions about who can or should assume leadership roles.

Our People


Sukumar Rao

President and CEO
Mr. Rao is accomplished executive with significant experience in strategy, operations, and technology in the public, private and social sectors. He brings significant expertise in performance improvement, digital transformation, and organizational development. Over the years, Mr. Rao has advised senior executives on his areas of expertise - he is a trusted advisor to C-level and senior executive leaders in public, private and non-profit sectors. Mr. Rao has published several articles and papers, including his contributions as an author. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Marisa Sanchez

Organizational Development - Principal Consultant
Marisa Sanchez, PhD brings 25 years of experience in organization development and change management to build and sustain effective organizations. Her consulting approach uniquely focuses on achieving results by integrating deep knowledge and expertise in organization development, project management, and business strategy. Under the organization development umbrella, her practice areas include strategy and execution, change leadership, organization design and culture change, leadership coaching, team effectiveness, and facilitation. With her technology background, she offers expertise in organization adoption of new information systems and technology in addition to increasing organization effectiveness of IT organizations.

Winston Kelly

Management Consultant
Winston Kelly is a management consultant at The Parnin Group (TPG) with in-depth
experience in the non-profit and government sectors. An alumnus of the Presidential
Management Fellowship (PMF), Mr. Kelly has a strong track record of success in helping
streamline operations and improve efficiency using data-driven approaches. Mr. Kelly is
a problem-solver who can identify key challenges and opportunities and develop
practical solutions that drive results. Mr. Kelly has a combination of career and
educational experience in public finance, organizational development, facilitation, and
strategic planning. In addition to his technical expertise, Mr. Kelly is also a skilled
communicator and is adept at building relationships and collaborating with clients to
drive successful outcomes.

Anne Prendergast

Management Consultant
Anne Prendergast is a management consultant at The Parnin Group (TPG) with experience in both the non-profit and federal government sectors. With a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Anne has a strong track record of applying scientific principles and research methods to issues surrounding organizational performance. Ms. Prendergast has helped federal agencies develop and implement enterprise-wide strategies that streamline workforce and talent management processes, including position management, succession planning, learning and development, recruitment, and performance management. Ms. Prendergast is a strong collaborator and innovative thinker who enjoys solving complex problems to drive positive outcomes for her clients.

Brett Wiedoff

Senior Consultant
Brett Wiedoff has twenty years of experience managing state and federal commercial fisheries. This includes working with the public, as well as state, federal, nongovernment and international agencies to develop or modify regulations that protect the environment and enhance fisheries management. Brett specializes in running public meetings with stakeholders and developing environmental impact analyses that create balanced solutions for all users of the natural resources. Brett has a Bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and has completed graduate level work at Oregon State University. Brett worked for Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission as a data analyst, for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a technical assistant and Project Leader for nearshore and coastal pelagic commercial fisheries. Brett also worked for five years at National Marine Fisheries Service Pacific Islands Regional Office as a natural resource specialist for highly migratory species and international fisheries, and worked ten years as a Staff Officer for the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Duncan Wood

Management Consultant
Duncan Wood is a management consultant at The Parnin Group (TPG) with experience providing services across multiple federal government agencies. He focuses on a detail-oriented approach utilizing quantitative and qualitative analysis to provide effective solutions for his clients. Mr. Wood has worked with federal agencies on improving processes, efficiency, and implementation, including in project management, competitiveness analysis, policy analysis, organizational review, and compliance monitoring. He is experienced with collaborating with teams and projects spread across multiple time zones and countries, and is skilled at building relationships and communicating with clients to best achieve effective results. Mr. Wood also holds a master’s degree in International Affairs and has a background in international policy and trade.

Senior Advisors


Tim Gallaudet

The Honorable Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D., Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (ret) is the CEO of Ocean STL Consulting. LLC. He serves on the Board of Directors for several environmental and veterans related nonprofits and is a strategic advisor for a number ocean, weather, environment, strategic planning, and management startups and small businesses. Gallaudet is the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and the Acting and Deputy Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Prior to NOAA, Gallaudet served for 32 years in the U.S Navy, completing his career as the Oceanographer of the Navy. Other notable government positions that he has held include the member of the White House Ocean Policy Committee, chair of the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force, chair of the NOAA Science Council, Director of the Navy’s Task Force Ocean, Director of the Navy’s Task Force Climate Change, Navigator and Hydrographer of the Navy, and DOD Executive Agent for Maritime Domain Awareness. Gallaudet has a Bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, and Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.


The Parnin team brings exceptional people, always putting our interest and value at the center.

Chief Executive Officer

I have seen very few companies that are focused on building capacity in their client organizations.

Branch Chief

It was a pleasure to work with Parnin Group. They bring a fresh perspective and are committed to providing lasting results.

Program Director

Giving Back to the Community

As a small business, we value the connection to our community, and we are invested in our community by giving our time, talent and financial support. As part of our community involvement, we will look for ways to support our local businesses.

The Parnin Group is proud to support The Child and Family Network Centers (CFNC), a non-profit, based in Alexandria that provides caring, high quality, free education and related services to children and families in their own neighborhoods.


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