We create value for our clients by improving their organizational health and performance.


Operations and performance

Service Operations and Performance includes the entire lifecycle of planning, designing and implementing an agency’s strategy and its programs & services. We tailor our approach based on the contextual environment of the agency: conducting the diligence to understand an agency’s customers and their needs, using data to make informed decisions, and using best practices from our experience in Government-wide policy management.Key capability areas include: Strategy and Planning, Shared Service/Program Design and Execution, Benchmarking and Performance Improvement, and Data Analytics.


Digital transformation

Technology plays a critical role in digitizing and transforming an agency’s operations. Our approach is based on enabling an agency to prioritize its technology investments, identifying solutions to digitize or transform its operations, and implementing solutions in an iterative and incremental fashion.Key Capability areas include: Technology Investment Planning, Digital Strategy and Implementation, and Research and Development.


Organizational development

People make organizations successful and our approach is centered on engaging the right people in design and implementation, creating the right incentives to motivate employees, and enabling sustainable results.Key Capability areas include: Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation, Change Management, Organizational Assessment and Design.


Mission and mission-support

Our mission support experience is cross functional: acquisition, financial management, human capital, information technology and real property. In each of these areas, our consultants understand the key drivers of successful operations.We bring a depth of experience in supporting specific mission programs, including Emergency Communications, Disaster Management, Government Administration and Services, Homeland Security, and Tax Administration.