sustainable results

Public sector

The Public Sector is undergoing tremendous pressure for improving the delivery of its services from public – this pressure is going to amplify given the amount of technology disruption happening today and is expected only to grow in the future. The Parnin Group works with senior leaders in the public sector help them navigate these developments, improve their performance and ensure their employees are engaged.


The Social Sector is an important partner for both public and private sector and a critical component in the value delivery chain since they best understand the pulse of the society. The Parnin Group works with social sector institutions in achieving their social impact goals – in addition, we work pro bono with several institutions to help them improve their governance and performance, creating lasting results.


The healthcare industry is moving to value and outcomes-based care with a shift towards alternative revenue models and patient-centric approaches using improvements in policies and processes, and advances in technology. The Parnin Group helps private sector institutions develop and implement new business models, including working as partners with the public sector to develop new innovative products and services.