Assessing the economic impact of Nanotechnology in the US

Economic Analysis, Policy Analysis

About the project

The Parnin Group conducted an economic impact analysis of the nanotechnology
industry in the United States, detailing multiple economic impact, including salary figures, number of jobs, state-level impacts, and total dollar revenue companies engaged in nanotechnology commerce from 2002 to 2022. To create an overarching and comprehensive account of the nanotechnology industry’s impact in the United States, the Parnin Group analyzed the commercial applications of nanotechnology, payroll and revenue figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), financial statements filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and market size research. The study provided an overview of the many sectors where nanotechnology is driving innovation and advancement, including a deep dive on the semiconductor and microelectronics sector.


  • Quantified and contextualized the US nanotechnology industry’s economic impact and scope over 20 years.
  • Developed demographic, employment, and growth analyses for companies operating in the Nanotechnology space.
  • Improved the ability to refine and track the economic impact of nanotechnology,
  • including the development of nanotechnology categories, product repositories, and a company inventory.
  • Identified opportunities for industry-wide strategic initiatives and enhanced

Economic Impact Analysis: 20 Years of Nanotechnology Investments